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I finally had a chance to revamp my website, which was embarrassingly out dated

If you are visiting my site inquiring about my availability as a Location Manager, Assistant Location Manager or a Location Scout, please contact me directly at 416-254-3249 cel. or email.

If you are looking for references, you may contact the Director’s Guild of Canada at 416-925-8200 or by email. Alternatively, You can also look at some various projects that I have worked on over the past 17 years by following this link: Internet Movie Database

If you are looking for information on how to list your home as a potential filming location for a Feature Film, Movie of the Week, Television Series or a Television Commercial, you may follow the following links:

Ontario Media Development Corporation

The OMDC is run by the Ontario Government, in association with Economic Development. They have a Locations Library which you can list your property with in order to show case it as an available filming location. This is the most commonly used resource used by Production Companies when they are scouting for potential filming locations in Ontario. You can contact them directly at 416-314-6858 and ask for anyone in the Locations Library for more information on how to list your home or by email at reception@omdc.on.ca

Absolute Location Services

This company is a privately owned and operated Location Service that supplies the Film and Television Industry with equipment rentals, supplies and  has a Locations Library as well. You can contact them directly at 416-203-8332 or by email at events@absolute.to.

If you have any other questions that have not been answered above, please feel free to call me and I would pleased to help you.


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